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Deadly wee ninja

4 Jan
deadly wee ninja

deadly wee ninja,
originally uploaded by cassyjo.

wee ninja with his weapon of choice: a yarn needle. duh.


wee ninja

4 Jan
wee ninja
wee ninja,
originally uploaded by cassyjo.

I crocheted this little guy while i was at the parents’ for Christmas. I found the pattern online but changed the arms. I like these better. Hes vicious with a yarn needle and stealthy as a snake. He also enjoys fishing and an occasional bubble bath.

I have one thing to ask of the world.

21 Nov

One thing to ask of you.

Please don’t make me happy. It would only be a disservice to me.

Be honest and if that happens to make me happy, then OK. All I want is Truth.

My goal in life is not to be happy. Happiness gains me nothing. Pain, suffering, hard work. These gain me something.

I pray that in my search for Truth I find happiness on the way but if that is not in the plans for me then so be it.

I do not deserve happiness. No-one does. You can’t earn happiness.

I thank God for the gifts he has given me, more than I could list. I choose Truth and He gives me Joy.

But you? Please don’t choose happiness, for me, over honesty.

I’m famous!

1 Aug

I actually received an email from mypunchbowl with this link in it. Their customer service is amazing. I thought good business was outdated, but some businesses still know how to get ahead in the world: listen to your customers. They wont forget you.

The options that mypunchbowl gives aren’t useless and buggy like those of Evite and other competitors. Their features make since and I defiantly plan on utilizing them for my next party. I’ve given feedback to mypunchbowl twice now and received a response that day both times directly from mypunchbowl’s creator.

This is actually making me want to throw a party just for the sake of using mypunchbowl. (His blog is also making me want to improve mine…)

If I were Evite I would be very afraid.


25 Jul

Quite a few years ago, It came to me that our thought-life is something that we directly control. Whether it be bad thoughts about someone, jealousy, lust, or anger, those are thoughts we choose to dwell on. Sure, some times Satan puts a seed in your head: “look at those hideous shoes!” But from there on we can choose to continue down that thought path or leave it alone.

This created a whole new way of thinking about personality. This is how I decide who I am going to be. This is the way I mold myself. From then on I stopped dwelling on bad thoughts about people. This has made me a less judgmental person. I also tried to not re-live things in my head that made me angry: “How could that guy cut me off?!” All of these things made me realize the deeper issue.

Being angry is a choice. Being happy is a choice. Being depressed is a choice. Being jealous is a choice.

Until recently, I hadn’t made any further connections about the thought-life/ personality link. My most recent revelation about this, and my point for writing this post, is that our self esteem is rooted into our thought life as well. When I think negative thoughts about myself it is a choice I make. And its the one I choose all the time.

By screening my thought life, I decide who I am. Even if that is deciding to be confident. This further shows my theory of how we are who we decide to be. Totally separate from who your parents are, how they raised you, or what culture you came from.

My question to you is: will you let your thoughts decide who you are or will you choose for yourself?

Every day I choose to be who I am. Today, I choose to be confident.

ipod vs. lawn mower

31 May

You didn’t think I actually mowed over my ipod did you? Sorry to dissapoint but I did not.

The idea came to me as I was mowing our 1+ acre on the riding mower. I had my ipod in its indestructible Otter case which has a very sturdy clip (and water proof, dirt proof, drop proof, etc.)

In a particularly bumpy area of the yard I became worried I might accidentally chuck my ipod into the mower blades (which would be almost impossible since the blades are in front of the seat). And then I thought how cool would it be to test that theory? Maybe one day ill have enough time and money to test stupid theories like that. Kinda like those Mentos guys.

I think the mower would win.