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Wedding pictures!

26 Jul

You can also buy prints there for 2.00 a pop.


Wedding countdown: 2

28 Jun

Goals for Day 2:

Manicure and pedicure. Vicki and I went to get our nails done this morning. Just a tip: never let even the tiniest little Asian lady get a hold of your nails if shes angry. My cuticles hurt. I mean, I think I’d be ok if she was rough but did a good job but she didn’t ask me how long I wanted them and didn’t ask me what shape. So now I have square nails and I hate square nails. I have square nails and they’re crooked. I should have let my mom do them for me. Oh well, it was nice of her to take us.

Pack up the Uhaul. A few scratches and dings later, and everything is crammed in the tiny Uhaul trailer. I thought I was done painting… But anyway, mom and dad are up in VA right now unloading the trailer as I type. There just wasn’t room for us to go. They’re bringing arthur back with them. I have to go shower before they get back because after moving huge furniture, I’m not exactly presentable.


All of my furniture is gone and my room is almost empty. Pretty weird. arthur and I got a home phone number (btw, ask me for it. we don’t get signal in the appt) and I put it in my phone as “home.” Later I realized I had two “home”s and had to change one to “parents house.” That was big.

All in all, I’m tired of planning this thing, lets get the show on the road. I wanna be married!

Wedding Countdown: 4

26 Jun

Goals for Day 4:

Hang out with Amy. I am going to go see Amy and I am not going to say one thing about wedding stuff. It’s going to be amazing.

Vicki comes in town! Around 6ish I think. I might have to do a few little wedding things then.


Today I am allowing my¬† self a somewhat unproductive day. Now if I could just stop thinking about the wedding…

Wedding Countdown: 5

25 Jun

Goals for Day 5:

Finish painting. Everythings primed and all I have to finish is the bookshelf and the night stand.

Pack and organize. We are taking a Uhaul up to VA with all of my furniture in it. I need to pack some boxes of stuff and gather all of the shower gifts together to bring up. I also need to pack for the honeymoon now that all of my laundry is done.

Movie with mom. Mom and I are going to see Evan Almighty. It has bad reviews but we shall see.

Call everyone. Today I need to call all of the party to let them know about the rehearsal and the rehearsal dinner. I also need to call to confirm the cake and our hotel for our honeymoon. Also need to call and pay for the food.


I think I’m running out of goals and thoughts for this countdown. I’m doing ok, just that “is this for real?” thought in the back of my head all the time.

Wedding Countdown: 6

24 Jun

Goals for Day 6:

Church. We went to church early and talked with people we needed to talk to about the wedding. The next time I see most of them will be on the big day! (wow)

Tux for Isaac. This was more of a distraction for me since I didn’t want to do the more tedious things like writing more thank-yous or paint. I am so tired of painting.

Hair cut. After getting Isaac a tux, we got our hair cut. Just a trim for me.

Wrap presents. This time I’m actually doing it. I am also writing cards to go with the presents.

Make signs. I need to make “reserved” signs for five rows at the church. I think there were other signs I needed to make but I cant remember right now.


I’m doing really good. Excited for when Vicki comes down on Tuesday. Family comes on Wednesday. This house is going to be packed with people. Oh Lord, give me patience.

Wedding Countdown: 7

23 Jun

Goals for Day 7:

More painting! I’m getting it done slowly (really slowly). I’m getting worried that the new paint job will get scratched up on the move, though. Right now it looks amazing.

Write more thank yous. I’ve been putting this one off ever since I spent an entire hour and a half writing thank yous after the last shower. I need to get it done though.

More laundry. Boo.

Errands. I already went to the bank but I need to go get a 5×7 picture printed and get the matting for that. Also I need to go by Victorias Secret to do away with a gift card I got (oohlala).


I’m having trouble not spending the Target gift cards as I get them. I really need to wait until after the wedding to get necessities like pots and pans and flatware and lighting and all that good stuff. But what I really want is that one brown toss pillow and those curtains and the couch slip covers that I don’t really need. *sigh* It’s ok though. I’m just shocked that we already almost have everything we need to have a fairly functional apartment.

I <3 Target gift cards.

Wedding Countdown: 8

22 Jun

Goals for Day 8:

Paint book shelf… for real this time. Due to some interferences, I didn’t get to paint the book shelf yesterday. I’ve already started and coat one is drying right now.

Meet with Becky. We are going to drop off the remaining decorations at Becky’s house and get my mom fitted for her dress. Becky is decorating the reception and altering mine and mom’s dresses. Shes been amazing. I think I’d explode with out the help I’m receiving from everybody.

Wrap bridesmaids presents. I’m making my own bows because they’re like 4 dollars each at the store. I’ve never made bows before…

Hang out with Melody. I think my mom is doing her hair first then we might go for coffee. I’m trying to finish the bookshelf before we go.

Laundry. My least favorite thing. I have to get all of my loads done soon so I can pack for the HONEYMOON (omg).


I think I’m more stressed about family coming down to visit and all the people staying in the house than the actual wedding its self. Could be anywhere from 5-10 people staying here. Which brings up another thing… If you have an air mattress, we could really use it. We only have two and I’m using one. It would be amazing if we could borrow any for guests who are sleeping on the floor.

I think I’m becoming more calm as the day gets closer… Is that normal?

Wedding countdown: 9

21 Jun

Goals for day 9:

Take car in to get looked at. It’s making this thud thud every time one of the wheels turns. Wait… I thoughtI bought a civic because it had extremely high reliability in consumer reports?

Paint the book shelf. I’m painting over my polar bear furniture. I’m going from arctic night to oriental taupe. The furniture goes to Lynchburg on Thursday the 28th (next Thurs). I have the huge dresser all done and have the night stand and drawers to finish up after the book shelf.

Go to bible study. Its pizza night, duh I’m going. I don’t think I’ll make myself go next week, though… two days before my wedding there will be quite a bit going on. Plus I told some people I’d meet them there with stuff for the wedding, etc.


I cant believe in a little over a week I will have made the hugest decision of my whole life. I know its the right decision but it’s strange to think that from here it’s down hill. Not to say that life will be easier from here on, only that the choices from here on out will be less important and effect me less. This is huge.

The big “to-do”

18 Jun

Typically when someone asks me how the wedding planning is going (which is roughly 2 or more times a day) I give out a long sigh and tell them about my massive to-do list. Some times I even whoop out my PDA and get a n ice “oooo” from the audience. I could say I had over100 things on it once the wedding ball got rolling.

My goal is one a day. Some days I get two, three even. Some days I add another.

Recently I was asked about the planning and I took a deep breath but realized that I couldn’t impress anyone! my list has shrunken! Down to a mere 23 to-dos! This hit me hard when I sat down with the OCD side of myself to record each task due on a specific day of my last two weeks. (ex. Pedicure: Thursday, June 28) I had only one or two things per day and most of my tasks are simple call-and-tell-soandso-this or check-reservation-for-that. This leaves me with a lot of free time during my last two weeks leadingu p tp the wedding. Which may be a bad thing!

You would think I would feel accomplished and good, but no, I’m just terrified that I may be forgetting everything that needs to be done! Why is relaxing always such a chore for me?

Wedding plans, hell, etc

31 May

Nothing has gone entirely wrong yet. Tonight I am feeling very anxious. Nothing happened in order to make me feel anxious, just one of those random spouts of uncontrollable anxiousness/panic that I am seeming to have more and more frequently. I have a massive checklist and it is getting smaller. My goal is to get at least one thing if not two checked off everyday.

I have two showers coming up, both in the same week. Those I just show up to, though, which is AMAZING. It’s weird having parties thrown for me; I feel like I should be helping out somehow. Most of the anxiety is because of all of the last minute things I will have to do: Get nails done, go tanning, pick up Arthur’s tux, decorate the church, pick up rental equipment, get eyebrows waxed, steam wrinkles of out the dress, call in catering two weeks before, call in cake two weeks before… and the list goes on. Most of these things have to be done within a week of the wedding. I can’t forget one. And what if I call in the catering and they tell me they ran out of shrimp or something. By then it’ll be too late to get some other catering and I’ll have a reception with no food!

I know its not the biggest deal in the world but I still do want things to work out right. I’m having trouble sleeping. not because of stress, because of all the things running through my head. “Don’t forget to do this. Oh and I have to tell so-and-so that…” I think I will have to take a day and do absolutely nothing that has to do with the wedding: No calls, no confirming, no thinking.