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The Bomb

4 Dec

I did not realize until this morning that there was nothing to eat for breakfast

I scrambled eggs but there was no milk so they were not very good

Once at school, I realized there was a crowd outside.

“Whats going on?” someone asked me and I said “I don’t know.”

I tried to go inside but the cop stopped me and told me they evacuated the building.

They told someone else that “If it is what they say it is then we are all dead anyway”

I thought that was a terrible thing for a cop to say and thought he needed a day off.

Ten minutes later they announced that half of the building was safe.

I decided not to go inside.

Then I thought about coffee.

Parking at Panera was horrible and I had to park next to the dumpster.

The line was long but I got in and ordered a coffee and soup.

I told the guy at the counter about the bomb. He was really nice.

Once I started eating, I realized the internet at Panera was not working.

That made be pretty seriously annoyed but at least the soup was good.

So I packed up my things and went back to school where nobody knew what I was talking about when I asked them about the bomb.

So I just wanted everyone to know that there was a Bomb and it ruined my day.

And we are out of milk.