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Sewing Projects

31 Jul

Here’s some quick shots of my most recent sewing projects. Enjoy!

First is a fleece diaper cover. Fleece is water repellent and with two layers it becomes waterproof as long as the diaper inside isn’t dripping. Fleece breathes a lot more than plastic/laminated diaper covers or disposables and is healthier on RJs skin. I have this cute whale print and another with monsters I cant wait to use.

Next is some pacifier clips I made a while ago but had to wait till I gave them to the person I made them for first.


7 Months and can’t stay still

20 May

The longer I wait to update this thing the less I want to! There’s SO many new things RJ is doing.  At 5 months RJ started rambling “dadada”, rolling all over the place, 6 months started pulling his knees up (a little), sitting up like a pro, grabbing things and trying to STAND UP (omg), 7 months if you hold his hands he can stand up on his own, starting to scoot around on the floor, and now sleeping through the night without waking up once (out of the blue).

This is a baby that wants to go go go. He barely stops to eat and even then he kicks and squirms the whole time. It’s so strange to be able to sit him on the floor with some toys and  let him entertain himself for half an hour. He squeals (in ear piercing decibels) and babbles on and is just happy by himself. With RJ sleeping better and playing on his own I have been able to get the house under control somewhat.

Guilty – 9 weeks old

21 Dec

I have been avoiding posting because I am so behind. So, I decided I’m going to make a fresh start and just give you the super short version of the past month.

RJ has gone from an  amazing sleeper to an ok to not so good sleeper. He wakes up every 4-2 hours. Usually I’ll get one 3 or 4 hour stretch at night then the rest of the night he wakes up every 2 hours to one hour. As far as nursing goes, we were supplementing 12 ounces a day and now we are down to 6-4 ounces a day.  Some of the things RJ has picked up doing are smiling, of course, and grabbing things. He’s so much fun. We just had his 2 month checkup and he’s is doing great! If any one has any tips on getting a baby to nap during the day, let me know.

I’ll try to keep everyone updated better now :)

Daddy is the best at getting RJ to smile

RJ being cute, of course

6 Nov
200910 176 2

RJ on halloween. Our little pumpkin!

RJ 4

His first day out to the doctor!


Only a few days old.

baby BOY ultrasound pictures!

23 Jun

Heres a public link to the pictures on facebook.

20 week belly pic

13 Jun
20 weeks

20 weeks

Yesterday, for the first time, I had a stranger comment on my being pregnant. It was an older lady and she was really sweet about it. I guess I look really pregnant now!

Wedding Pictures

4 Jan

It occurred to me that I posted the pictures on facebook but not everyone who reads this has facebook so…

Heres the link to the facebook album. You don’t have to join to see. Just go look, jeez.

More pics.