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Mustard grossness

22 May

I just really need to express right now my hatred for the tiny piece of dried mustard on the tip of the bottle. You know when you use it and put it in the fridge there’s that little bit of mustard left on the end that dries into an unrecognizable crusty yellow thing. Its like a circle of mustard grossness.

I make every effort to make sure I don’t eat the mustard crusties. I have to pull it off before I squeeze out the mustard so it doesn’t end up on my food. I need a t-shirt. “think before you squeeze” and it would have a little mustard nozzle with the crusty piece on it. Ew.

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Spoon crap

9 Jan

I hate it when the dry powdery hot chocolate mix or coffee creamer gets on the handle part of the spoon where it meets the drink. It’s always just low enough to get sticky powder stuck to it but too high to get it mixed all the way in.
It gets kind of gooey looking and that really bothers me.

See also:  Mustard grossness