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If I had a soundtrack for my life

31 Dec

If I were to have a soundtrack for my life it would be Dan In Real Life with songs by Sondre Lerche. If you haven’t seen the movie, rent it. It’s great.


You have to see this…

18 Apr

Next time you hear someone call Lynchburg a nothing-town you can correct them. It is, at least, the home of the worlds most ugly building, the church of Spock, and conceived French Toast in America.

When searching for a local event this website popped up on Google.

Its a page with local folk tales and happenings in Lynchburg. If you’ve even wondered it was possible that a ferris wheel could roll off its hinges after seeing it in a movie, apparently it has happened in Lynchburg. Theres also a story about a headless cat which is terribly photoshopped. I wonder about the credibility of these stories but they are, if nothing else, entertaining.

amazing drawing site

5 Mar

My friend Isaiah sent me this site

its great for learning to draw the body without it being awkward. I’m not against drawing nude or anything but that doesn’t mean its not awkward…

draw pretty!

This makes me giggle

23 Feb

My mom sent me the link to this site. It seems like an idiotic but funny atempt at philosophy and life’s most important questions. This is how it anwsers the cat landing on its feet/ toast landing buttered side down myth:

“When a cat is dropped it always lands on its feet. When buttered toast is dropped it always lands with the buttered side facing down. If a piece of buttered toast was attached to the back of a cat, when dropped, the cat/buttered toast combination should hover, spinning just above the ground, as it tries unsuccessfully to resolve the inevitable conflict of non-scientific certainties.

This in itself might be fun to watch but there is a serious point to be made here… What if giant arrangements of buttered toast cats were linked (probably by their tails) to banks of generators? Perhaps enough electricity could be produced to help resolve the growing world energy crisis.”

Most of the other questions are silly but I found this one particularly funny.

Nuclear art and a teapot your mom wouldnt have

5 Jan

A group of artists fake a nuclear bomb on television and call it art. They actually call it a “piece” like it really is art. I suppose this is branching out a bit…

USA Today article

This modern teapot certainly utilizes art in its most functional way. I’d display this thing on a shelf. Not only is it pretty but it works diferently than any other teapot ive seen, too. Watch your water turn in to tea.

Art, tea, and entertainment? I wish I had an extra $180 to buy the thing.