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Ok I fail at th…

16 Nov

Ok I fail at this. FInd me on facebook if you want updates. seriously.


We exsist… still!

13 Apr

Ok after neglecting to update for a long time and then deciding to let the blog die… I have changed my mind again! I have too much stuff to say for just facebook status updates and it makes me sad that facebook forgets your updates and i will loose those memories. Nothing fancy but I’d like to share some of the funny stuff RJ does and be able to look back at it all later. Most of my pictures will still go to facebook but I have a feeling most of my traffic comes from Facebook, anyway.

As for today… RJ is teething and I am 28 weeks pregnant with little Leah Marie.

We exist!

16 Mar

The longer I wait to update, the more I have to say and therefor the less I want to update. Whoops. Most of you are following us on facebook, anyway. RJ is 17 months old, now. Running around like a wild child, talking, signing, getting into trouble, etc.

The newest news is we are expecting our second baby! Leah Marie is due on July 6th. She is healthy and measuring right on time. RJ will be 21 months old when she comes. Yes we are crazy. We wanted out kids close in age and from what more experienced moms have told me, its hard the first few years but then they are older they are so much closer. Anyway our house is turning from blue to pink pretty fast.

I am still sewing/ making baby things. I opened a small boutique (LoveMuffin Goods, of course.) It has exploded faster than I thought it would. Not that it is paying bills or anything but it has generated a lot of interest, apparently. and I don’t have much on etsy right now but check out the “Samples” and “Available” albums on the facebook page. We are having a giveaway at 100 fans and are so close!

Sewin’ Mama

28 Jul

I do have a son and I do still own a computer.

Since RJ is a better napper now I have had to fill my time. I tried crochet/knitting but I’m too impatient. So next was sewing. Which I found to be pretty expensive but it turns out I have plenty of material around the house. Things like sweaters, t-shirts with small stains, and old flannel blankets.

My most recent re-fashioning experiment was a shirt (donated to the cause, unknowingly. I hope you don’t mind Suzanne!)  into pj pants for RJ. My Mom-in-law helped me re-create another pair of pants that fit RJ well.

Unhappy baby in new pants

I also made what I thought to be a newborn hat out of the sleeve of a sweater. The sweater turned out to be SUPER stretchy and actually fits RJ. Which is exciting because I was jealous of whoever I was going to give it to while I was sewing. RJ takes off hats second (not seconds, second) after I put them on him. Here is the natural progression that happens when hats and my little boy encounter each other:

Yes this is the best picture I have of RJ wearing the hat

RJ immediately takes off the hat and then tries to put it back on.

Not being successful after several tries, he lets out his frustration by eating it instead.

In other news RJ has been crawling for a month and is now attempting to stand on his own (and succeeding for about 3 seconds). He also says “kit-cat” and signs for a bottle and all done. Both of his bottom front teeth are in. I’m amazed at the things he picks up so fast. It seems like hes just starting to learn things but I have to remind myself he has been learning and observing since birth. Like how RJ now knows his play phone goes up to his ear then hands it to us.

Things are going to get fun around here.

33 weeks

3 Sep

So RJ gave us a scare last week. There were a few days he didn’t move much and that’s enough to tell the doctor. When we went in I told them and they said to be sure they wanted to do a non-stress test. So they take me into the room with this machine and they hook me up to 2 different monitors. One monitors the baby’s heart beat, which we could hear during the whole test. The other monitors if  I am having any contractions. They also gave me a button to hit every time I felt him move. All three of these things were recorded on a little paper with little squiggles.

They leave you in there for 20 minutes to get a good idea of how baby is doing. Of course after three days of hardly moving at all during these 20 minutes he was a wiggle worm and moved every 5 seconds. The nurse said he just liked the sound of his own heart beat, hehe. I know how he is though and if I rest my arms or anything on my belly he attacks it and kicks right where the thing is resting. They had the monitors on my belly a little tight and he was kicking right where the thing was strapped on.

So after the 20 minutes the doctor looked it over and said everything is fine. Which is what we wanted to hear. I just hope he doesn’t scare us like that again. I’m going in to see the doctor every other week now. Seems like a little too much since all they do is collect a urine sample, weigh me, and take my blood pressure then send me home. Maybe the next few appointment will be more worth it. My other friends are already dialating and contracting some.

Anyway, I decided I’m tired of being pregnant. My back hurts and my feet hurt and my hips hurt and I can’t reach anything. Rolling over in bed is an event and makes me out of breath. Actually, everything makes me out of breath. I’m hungrier than ever but I can only eat small amounts of food at a time because there’s no ROOM in there. I’m not trying to complain but its true. I’m just really uncomfortable and cant wait to meet this baby!

I’m done being scared of delivery and now I just want to do it and get it done!

30 weeks

12 Aug

It’s hard to believe only 10 more weeks until I get to meet our little guy. Not a lot has been happening. Working on the nursery some but there’s not a lot to do since we haven’t had our showers yet. RJ is still kicking like crazy and giving me heart burn. It’s to the point now where you can see my belly shaking from the outside. He sure is getting strong. My book tell me he should be around 3 pounds by now. Most of his internal organs are mature and he is just baking for a few more weeks to add fat.

I’m still as excited about it all but there’s just less happening on a daily basis. I’m starting to cook and freeze meals for when the baby comes. Arthur is helping with the cooking, too. When we get the nursery more set up I’ll post pictures. I finished RJ’s mobile. It’s pooh themed so I made a honey pot in the center with two bees and two clouds going around it. Our birthing classes start in September which cuts it closer than I would like but that’s all they had.

Here’s some pictures of the mobile. I think it turned out pretty nice.

26 weeks

20 Jul

So Its been a while, I apologize. All my facebook friends get small status updates about my belly button and my feet but I kind of forget to come on here with every thing else that is going on.

Wednesday I’ll be 27 weeks, the beginning of the third trimester. Yeesh. Its been flying by. Don’t ask me how 27 weeks is the third trimester. I know its complicated with lunar months etc. and all I know is that’s what my book told me.

To welcome in the third trimester my body has been kicking it up a notch just to make sure I’m good and uncomfortable. With hip pain, back pain, headaches, heartburn (which I refer to as the fire ball in my chest- or lava), and now swollen feet. After visiting my mom in NC, I took the two hour drive home and after noticed one foot was significantly larger than the other. I did everything you’re supposed to do, elevate it and drink tons of water. After a few hours of that, the swelling did not go down but I did have to get up 5 times that night to go to the bathroom thanks to the water.

I am getting huge, of course. I know I’m due for a belly shot but its hard to be motivated to do it when youre so uncomfortable. Which I know will only get worse. With all the negative things the third trimester is bringing, there a re some nice things. I get to feel the baby move constantly and he kicks really hard now. So much so that you can see little feet-shapes pushing on my belly. Arthur has yet to have good enough timing to see it, though. He feels little kicks, though. I love it that baby responds to us. if i feel his feet somewhere i can push gently on them and he kicks back. and if you lay your hand there he kicks his hardest. He is defiantly a little human being in there making decisions and growing. I love him  so much already I can hardly stand not having him here yet.

I’m already learning his little attitudes. When I have a book or something resting on my belly he will move so that he can kick the invading presence as if to say “back off! It’s tight enough in here as it is!” Also, I know when he sleeps and is awake. In the morning the second I wake up he kicks a few times then doesn’t kick again until lunch. After lunch he kicks here and there all the way till dinner. After dinner he throws a dance party in there which continues until I get into bed.

I know this is getting long but I  haven’t updated and so much has happened… Arthur’s co-worker, Janet, gave us a crib along with some other great stuff. Arthur put the crib togethor yesterday. I have some pictures and will post them soon. Now the nursery looks like a nursery and not just a yellow room. It’s been tons of fun and I’m so glad I get to meet baby soon. I’ll be back with pictures some time this week.

Full vacuum bags and filth

26 Jun

At some point every vacuum starts loosing its suction. When you realize you’re just moving the dirt around, it’s time to check the bag. A few weeks ago I opened mine up to find the bag was so full I could hardly close the hatch again. So I’ve ordered new bags but in the mean time I had to throw out the full one. I’m not so sure if carrying that 2 pound bag to the trash makes me feel dirty that all that was in my carpet or clean that its no longer there. Gross. Now I’ve been sneezy and stuffy.

I’m considering renting one of those carpet shampooers since there will soon be an infant rolling all over the floor. There is extra crud in our carpet, too, because of the wall patching/sanding/construction that has gone on since we bought the house.


Its a BOY! – 21 weeeks

22 Jun

We are thrilled! Arthur is excited about playing legos and having a son to bond with. The ultrasound tech gave us like 20 pictures and a dvd. I’ll get some of those on here soon. Maybe I can find out how to get the video on here. Everything looked healthy. The lady seemed really surprised at how active he(the baby) was. At first he was head up, or breech, and when she paused for a second to take a measurement and went back he had flipped upside down and later flipped back. As long as he doesn’t pull that number right before delivery then I’m ok with it. Also, I measured about 2 weeks ahead but they haven’t moved my due date yet. I think they still will though. The ultrasound tech said maybe October 18th.

So I guess my house will be mostly blue for the next year or so!

Sneakey foods

9 Jun

I find it interesting that most of the food we aren’t supposed to eat when we are pregnant we probably shouldn’t eat even when we aren’t pregnant. The reasons they give effect us all, pregnant or not. Like how hot dogs have bad preservatives in them and can give you botulism… then why would I want to eat them at all? And how sushi can have parasites… then why would I eat it when I’m not pregnant?

I love my hot dogs and sushi, don’t get me wrong. But if it’s bad for you when you are pregnant it’s probably bad for you when you’re not (for most things). Like caffeine and artificial sweeteners. I don’t know. I doubt it will make me not eat them after I have the baby but its just a thought…

Maybe everyone should read books on what not to eat when you’re pregnant. You learn a lot about food that is bad for you that you thought was good. Most of it stems from genetic engineering, chemical preservatives, and artificial things like sweeteners and flavors. Really, If you stick to organic produce and don’t touch anything processed like canned veggies (which have aluminum and tons of salt) or ‘quick meals’ like hamburger helper (What kind of sauce is made from powder?) then you might be ok.

Did you know they put sugar in your salt? That’s what makes it look white. Try using sea salt instead. It has made me a paranoid shopper. Seriously. I want to know what I’m eating. They’re so sneaky with our foods.