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baby BOY ultrasound pictures!

23 Jun

Heres a public link to the pictures on facebook.


Its a BOY! – 21 weeeks

22 Jun

We are thrilled! Arthur is excited about playing legos and having a son to bond with. The ultrasound tech gave us like 20 pictures and a dvd. I’ll get some of those on here soon. Maybe I can find out how to get the video on here. Everything looked healthy. The lady seemed really surprised at how active he(the baby) was. At first he was head up, or breech, and when she paused for a second to take a measurement and went back he had flipped upside down and later flipped back. As long as he doesn’t pull that number right before delivery then I’m ok with it. Also, I measured about 2 weeks ahead but they haven’t moved my due date yet. I think they still will though. The ultrasound tech said maybe October 18th.

So I guess my house will be mostly blue for the next year or so!

20 week belly pic

13 Jun
20 weeks

20 weeks

Yesterday, for the first time, I had a stranger comment on my being pregnant. It was an older lady and she was really sweet about it. I guess I look really pregnant now!

16 weeks- Movement!

16 May

This week at my bi-monthly acupuncture appointment I felt the baby kick like ten times in an hour! I had felt it before only not as strong and I didn’t know for sure if it was kicking or not. My acupuncturist said its normal and that the pins increase blood flow and the baby becomes excited/more active. That has to be proof that acupuncture works. It’s so great. I feel a kick about two to three times a day. Usually when I’m sitting still. It feels really small like a twitch or a tiny thump right in between my pelvic bone and belly button. I wish I could explain it better and I wish Arthur could feel it. It has got to be hard to connect when all he can tell is that I’m eating more and getting a belly.

15 weeks- Strong heartbeat!

8 May

Wednesday Arthur and I went to the doctor for my monthly appointment. I always get nervous driving there. I knew she would check the heartbeat and was terrified if it would be there or not. Our appointment, being at 4:15, was the last appointment of the day. So doctor Stewart walked in holding that heartbeat machine in hand ready to go. I was amazed that she knew exactly where the baby was and where to find the heartbeat. She said it was a nice and strong 160! Baby is doing good!

Speaking of baby,  s/he is 4 inches long and can move all his/her joints, has eyebrows, and his/her own fingerprints! Even more amazing is that baby’s eyes are sensitive to light! Even though the eyelids are still fused shut, if you shine a light at your belly the baby is likely to move away from the brightness! Baby is also likely to be discovering his/her own face, sucking his/her thumb, and making breathing movements with his/her lungs. I have felt a few things now and then… still not sure if its baby or not. I’m told in another week or two the kicks will get more obvious and I’ll know it the baby. Some times I imagine baby using my bladder as a trampoline and I FEEL that one.

As for me, the morning sickness has nearly disappeared but only to be  replaced by heartburn. Every day at 9-10pm I get what I call the fire ball in my chest. Apparently I have pregnancy acid reflux. I never knew it was so painful. I’m also still getting the sciatic nerve pain but not as often.

Only 5 more weeks till we find out the sex of the baby! And Arthur painted the nursery. It looks so good! When I get to decorating I’ll post pictures.

Little bean- 11 weeks

9 Apr

Yesterday we had an appointment with the dr. They did an unexpected ultrasound so I was glad Arthur was there. The little guy was jumping all around wiggling his legs and moving his arms. We could see his tiny heart pumping so fast.  It was great and a relief to know right then everything was ok. The dr showed us what looked suspiciously like boy parts but still too early to tell. I loved him more just seeing him on the screen. I can’t wait to feel him move. I guess that’s supposed to be around 16-18 weeks. I bet I’ll appreciate it less when he uses my bladder as a trampoline.

The morning sickness has been better. Well, I still get sick in the mornings but at least I don’t feel nasty all day.  the other day, I had the first person rub my belly. Its really embarrassing especially now since I’m NOT showing at all. It would be different if I was showing. I’m like “uh that’s all me, sorry.” Since baby is just 1.5 inches I don’t have the round baby belly yet but I can feel the pressure on my bladder and feel bloated most the time. I can start showing as early as next week or as late as 16 weeks. I hope it’s soon. I’m not looking forward to being huge but having a tiny belly might be nice so people believe me when I say I’m pregnant.

Maternity clothes, baby stuff, and other expenses

26 Mar

I always rolled my eyes when I heard a pregnant woman say they felt fat. I mean helooo, there’s a baby in there. I can now say that I can relate. Its WAY to early to be showing and I feel like I’ve gained tons of weight. I have to eat ALL DAY or else everything I’ve eaten all day comes out for round two.  I looked in the mirror the other day and noticed MY WAISTLINE IS DISAPPEARING. I don’t know how or why but its nearly gone. I think I would have been extremely depressed if I hadn’t read in my book in the chapter for week 8 that your waistline will start looking different. I guess even though baby is 1 inch there is a lot more going on right now. Organs start moving up and your blood in your body doubles.

I finally gave in and got one of these bands that help you transition between your clothes and maternity clothes. I’m at the point where my clothes are not comfortable and maternity clothes are too big. These bands make it so you can wear your old jeans longer. you just unbutton the top and wear the band over top and it holds your pants up. It’s been great.

Things are seeming more real. When I went to NC for my acupuncture appointment my mom told me about this consignment fair for kids stuff. We got the sweetest Classic Pooh crib bedding set. As well as some other misc. Beatrix potter decorations. It all looks brand new and we got all the loot for under 60 bucks. Sweet. Also, I think I’m going with my friend to a similar consignment sale here in L-burg tomorrow. Not that we have any money to spend.

We got the bill in from my OB. We were totally prepared to pay every cent of my deductible but they want us to pay it all before I’m even 7 months pregnant. We have 5 months of payments in line and it seems like its going to be tight. Luckily, we pay 0% after the deductible is paid. So that’s nice. At least we have insurance.

Baby stuff

21 Mar

I’m 8.5 weeks today. It’s weird to think that in 3.5 weeks I’ll be in my second trimester. I think at that point I can take a deep breath and finally relax some. There are infinite things that can go wrong.

I’m having trouble finding things to say about this baby. I can tell you morning sickness isn’t just in the morning. I can tell you s/he is supposed to be 1/2 inch now and already has eyelids, a spine, and a little heart pumping blood. The problem is I don’t really know how things are going and I wont until 18 weeks when they do the sexing ultrasound.

I have this strange feeling it’s a girl. Which I can’t explain. I guess if anyone knew it would be me, right? Its just that when ever I envision us holding the baby its a girl all in pink. Arthur and I both originally wanted a boy. You know, the older protective brother thing. Besides both of us come from families where the oldest was a boy, second was a girl. Seemed to work out for us. Besides my girl feeling, my friends pointed out when I would talk about the first ultrasound I kept saying she. I didn’t mean to at all. It just happened. I know it could be a boy but I guess we will see.

So heres a picture. Doen’t show much but its proof I’m pregnant. This was at 5 weeks,  more than 3 weeks ago.


and for good measure, heres the hpt that told us the good news!