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August pictures and what not

15 Aug

The kitten we found on our porch

The face RJ makes when he doesn’t like something.

The diaper cover I made for RJ (It’s monsters!)


7 Months and can’t stay still

20 May

The longer I wait to update this thing the less I want to! There’s SO many new things RJ is doing.  At 5 months RJ started rambling “dadada”, rolling all over the place, 6 months started pulling his knees up (a little), sitting up like a pro, grabbing things and trying to STAND UP (omg), 7 months if you hold his hands he can stand up on his own, starting to scoot around on the floor, and now sleeping through the night without waking up once (out of the blue).

This is a baby that wants to go go go. He barely stops to eat and even then he kicks and squirms the whole time. It’s so strange to be able to sit him on the floor with some toys and  let him entertain himself for half an hour. He squeals (in ear piercing decibels) and babbles on and is just happy by himself. With RJ sleeping better and playing on his own I have been able to get the house under control somewhat.

Cloth diapering to save some green (money)

13 Mar

No, I don’t believe in global warming and yes, I hate poop. But when I realized just how much cloth diapering saved I became a little more interested. Besides, I am not a fan of being wasteful. Our landfills aren’t getting smaller.

One month of disposable diapers cost on average 50 bucks a month. With some of the new economical cloth diapers out there now you can pay as little as 150 bucks for your babies lifetime supply of diapers… AND use them on subsequent babies! Thats only three months of disposables!

I was even more sold when I heard some of the brands sell disposable inserts for traveling. The inserts are plastic and chemical free and very bio-degradable (not to mention wallet-friendly.)

Also, if you know anything about how cloth diapers use to be, you know that you are supposed to dunk the inserts into the toilet to scrub off the poop before washing. There are several ways to avoid doing this now. The most high-tech of which is a sprayer you can attach to the side of your toilet tank that sprays clean water onto the diaper and you don’t have to touch poop or toilet water! My favorite is with some of the cloth diapers, the insert has a fleece layer to keep baby dryer feeling and this makes it super easy to just wipe off the poop before laundering. Theres also the option of a diaper service that whisks away the soiled inserts and leaves clean ones on your door step. To me, this seems to kill the economical and environmentally-friendly side of cloth diapering.

The cloth diaper world has a slight learning curve with all the abbreviations and types and brands, etc. Here’s some sites to help get you started:

This website has great beginner info and reviews of the different brands.

This website is well organized, too.

For those of you who want to know, I have decided on the new bumgenius Flip system of diapers. They sell disposable inserts and their cloth inserts have a felt liner (to wipe off poop and keep baby dry.) They have great reviews of being a nice fit and having no leaks. And they’re cheap as far as cloth diapers go. If you are into it for the cheap factor, there’s nothing cheaper than the Econobum diapers, also by bumgenius.  But they are hardly as cute and I can’t imagine they last as long. FYI the Flip system has a one year warranty for the cover. I’m buying mine as Best Start here in Lynchburg. With shipping from online stores, Best Start costs the same and I would rather contribute to local businesses. I have yet to try them on my own so I will update on how it goes!!