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August pictures and what not

15 Aug

The kitten we found on our porch

The face RJ makes when he doesn’t like something.

The diaper cover I made for RJ (It’s monsters!)


Sewing Projects

31 Jul

Here’s some quick shots of my most recent sewing projects. Enjoy!

First is a fleece diaper cover. Fleece is water repellent and with two layers it becomes waterproof as long as the diaper inside isn’t dripping. Fleece breathes a lot more than plastic/laminated diaper covers or disposables and is healthier on RJs skin. I have this cute whale print and another with monsters I cant wait to use.

Next is some pacifier clips I made a while ago but had to wait till I gave them to the person I made them for first.

7 Months and can’t stay still

20 May

The longer I wait to update this thing the less I want to! There’s SO many new things RJ is doing.  At 5 months RJ started rambling “dadada”, rolling all over the place, 6 months started pulling his knees up (a little), sitting up like a pro, grabbing things and trying to STAND UP (omg), 7 months if you hold his hands he can stand up on his own, starting to scoot around on the floor, and now sleeping through the night without waking up once (out of the blue).

This is a baby that wants to go go go. He barely stops to eat and even then he kicks and squirms the whole time. It’s so strange to be able to sit him on the floor with some toys and  let him entertain himself for half an hour. He squeals (in ear piercing decibels) and babbles on and is just happy by himself. With RJ sleeping better and playing on his own I have been able to get the house under control somewhat.

Cloth diapering to save some green (money)

13 Mar

No, I don’t believe in global warming and yes, I hate poop. But when I realized just how much cloth diapering saved I became a little more interested. Besides, I am not a fan of being wasteful. Our landfills aren’t getting smaller.

One month of disposable diapers cost on average 50 bucks a month. With some of the new economical cloth diapers out there now you can pay as little as 150 bucks for your babies lifetime supply of diapers… AND use them on subsequent babies! Thats only three months of disposables!

I was even more sold when I heard some of the brands sell disposable inserts for traveling. The inserts are plastic and chemical free and very bio-degradable (not to mention wallet-friendly.)

Also, if you know anything about how cloth diapers use to be, you know that you are supposed to dunk the inserts into the toilet to scrub off the poop before washing. There are several ways to avoid doing this now. The most high-tech of which is a sprayer you can attach to the side of your toilet tank that sprays clean water onto the diaper and you don’t have to touch poop or toilet water! My favorite is with some of the cloth diapers, the insert has a fleece layer to keep baby dryer feeling and this makes it super easy to just wipe off the poop before laundering. Theres also the option of a diaper service that whisks away the soiled inserts and leaves clean ones on your door step. To me, this seems to kill the economical and environmentally-friendly side of cloth diapering.

The cloth diaper world has a slight learning curve with all the abbreviations and types and brands, etc. Here’s some sites to help get you started:

This website has great beginner info and reviews of the different brands.

This website is well organized, too.

For those of you who want to know, I have decided on the new bumgenius Flip system of diapers. They sell disposable inserts and their cloth inserts have a felt liner (to wipe off poop and keep baby dry.) They have great reviews of being a nice fit and having no leaks. And they’re cheap as far as cloth diapers go. If you are into it for the cheap factor, there’s nothing cheaper than the Econobum diapers, also by bumgenius.  But they are hardly as cute and I can’t imagine they last as long. FYI the Flip system has a one year warranty for the cover. I’m buying mine as Best Start here in Lynchburg. With shipping from online stores, Best Start costs the same and I would rather contribute to local businesses. I have yet to try them on my own so I will update on how it goes!!

Baby sleep- 14 weeks

14 Jan

After many weeks of zero to few naps I started researching about babies and sleep. Of all of the books I have read on baby sleep (Baby Whisperer, Happiest Baby on the Block, What to Expect Babies First Year, Baby Wise, and the No-cry Sleep Solution) the internet was the most help. You really need a wide range of scenarios and yo glean from them what will work for you. Instead of some doctors opinion on what should work I needed a plan that has already worked on a baby similar to mine. There are great sites that blend Baby Wise tactics with Baby Whisperer ones with forums full of moms who have bee there, done that. I’ll post some of my favorite sites at t he end.

So with a weeks worth or reading forums and blogs I decided that over stimulation and too much wake time is the reason for RJ’s wakefulness during the day. So I cut back on the toys and swing time and limited RJ’s awake tiem to 1.5 hours and all of a sudden RJ naps. Instead of crying 30 minutes-1 hour on and off for a nap he only fusses for 3-10 minutes and sleeps for 30-40 minutes.

I do need to work on the legnth of his naps. 1.5-2 hours is ideal with 3 naps a day. Right now because RJ only sleeps for 30-40 minutes he needs 4 naps a day. Which mean I can’t ever leave the house but… right now I think its worth it for RJ to be well rested. Soon we will work out the shot nap issue. I’m just glad to get a few breaks during the day.

Baby sleep forums/blogs:

Tummy time. "I want that thing so bad!"

10 weeks

27 Dec

Thanks to some tips from The No Cry Sleep Solution RJ has been napping during the day more. We have yet to tackle the night sleeping yet because he has a stuffy nose still and I want to make sure he’s feeling better first. He tends to take two lengthy naps (2-3 hours) a day and wakes up every 2-3 hours at night. Usually he will stick one 4 hour stretch in there somewhere. Grandma and Arthur have been taking him out of the room for a few hours in the morning so I can catch up on sleep and that has been helping a lot.

Christmas was a lot of fun. RJ was a little overwhelmed I think and took an extra long nap and was a little fussy. I got a new camera. A Nikon Coolpix L100. I’m trying to figure out if theres a built-in light meter or not. I can’t find anything about it in the manual. Also, the pictures are turning out with a little bit of a yellow cast. I’m sure it’s just the indoor lights. I can take it out easily with Photoshop but it would be easier if there were an indoor light setting or something.

Guilty – 9 weeks old

21 Dec

I have been avoiding posting because I am so behind. So, I decided I’m going to make a fresh start and just give you the super short version of the past month.

RJ has gone from an  amazing sleeper to an ok to not so good sleeper. He wakes up every 4-2 hours. Usually I’ll get one 3 or 4 hour stretch at night then the rest of the night he wakes up every 2 hours to one hour. As far as nursing goes, we were supplementing 12 ounces a day and now we are down to 6-4 ounces a day.  Some of the things RJ has picked up doing are smiling, of course, and grabbing things. He’s so much fun. We just had his 2 month checkup and he’s is doing great! If any one has any tips on getting a baby to nap during the day, let me know.

I’ll try to keep everyone updated better now :)

Daddy is the best at getting RJ to smile

RJ being cute, of course

6 Nov
200910 176 2

RJ on halloween. Our little pumpkin!

RJ 4

His first day out to the doctor!


Only a few days old.

The detailed birth story

4 Nov

Baby RJ was born on the 18th, a week before my due date. My water broke at 6am on the 17th. My contractions never started at all and by 6 pm that day we went to the hospital. They let me try to start my own labor until 5 am the next day when we started the pitocin (A drug they use to make contractions start). After the pitocin started, they slowly increased it until my contractions were 2-3 minutes apart. Pitocin is known to make your contractions much more painful than they would be on their own. Once my contractions got bad I asked for stadol (a short-term pain reliever that makes you a little loopy). I did the stadol because they checked me after hours of hard labor and I was only 1.5 centimeters and I kind of lost it. Apparently, the doctor checked me about an hour or two after the stadol kicked in and I was 5 centimeters but I don’t remember that check (because of the stadol).

15 minutes after the 5 centimeter check, I went to go to the bathroom (which took 3 people to get me there with all the equipment I was hooked up to and since I couldn’t really stand during a contraction) and  while on the toilet I started pushing without really meaning to. I tried to tell everyone I was pushing and I couldn’t stop but had a hard time convincing everyone it was time since I was just 5 cm 15 minutes before. I convinced the nurse to check me and I was 10cm and ready to go! My birth class instructor said since I dilated so quickly after I got the stadol, it means it was a good move. The doctor came in (Dr. Phemister) after a few pushes with the nurse and 20 minutes later RJ was born! We had great nurses and Dr. Phemister was great. Everyone read our birth plan and tried their hardest to help us achieve it. Right now RJ is doing great and back up to his birth weight. Arthur and I are adjusting to less sleep and learning RJ’s little ques. He seems perfect to me in every way and I love him more than I thought was possible.

As for how I feel about the birth, I think it went as best it could given the circumstances. I’ve heard it’s pretty rare to not go into labor after your water breaks and we had to deal with that. Without the support of Arthur, my mom, my doula (Cheryl), and the Doctors and nurses, I could not have done it. Arthur has been so helpful during the pregnancy, during the birth, and now with RJ home. Having RJ makes me love Arthur so much more. I wouldn’t ask for anything else.

Thank you to those of you who have sent food and notes of encouragement. You all make this process a lot smoother for us. God has truly blessed us with a huge support group and an amazing little boy.

38 weeks- 10 lb baby means change of plans

15 Oct

So some of you knew that my doctor called for an ultrasound to check on the size of baby RJ. It blew me, Arthur, the doctor, and everyone else away when RJ came in at 10 pounds 5 ounces. Now, even my doctor said ultrasounds can be up to a pound off. But even assumeing RJ weighs 9 pounds 5 ounces, in a week and a half when I’m due he will be over 10 pounds.

So the new plan is hope hes only 9 pounds and try to go into labor asap! If RJ is 10 pounds it will almost certainly end in a c-section but we are hoping the ultrasound was off.

So any thing youve heard on how to naturally induce labor, let us know! Here’s a list of things we’ve heard and might try:
spicy food
black cohosh
false unicorn
castor oil
hot baths
pressure points

Let me know if there’s anything else you’ve heard of! and pray I go into labor SOON!