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Levis + Culture

27 Aug

Go to Below is a screen shot of what you will see.

I found this ad interesting. If the advertisement agency is doing their job then this is supposed to be what we want to see. Each picture represents its own culture (or what we perceive to be “cool”, at least).

USA- This is the ultimate slacker. He looks like he just woke up and in yesterdays clothes, no less. What are they trying to say? Effortless but attractive? Apparently this is what we wish we looked like.

Europe- It’s interesting that the man in this picture is wearing an American flag. Makes it seem like to them our flag is more of a novelty item. Kind of like the little Buddha you buy to put in your garden. He is really important to some people but to you hes just cute. I mean look at that belly!

Latin America- Not sure what this is supposed to say. “Go fourth” is Levi’s new tag line so it isn’t specific to the area. It doesn’t look like any ad you’d see in our magazines, though.

Asia Pacific- For an restrictive/uptight culture its the rebel/artist. At the bottom is says “live unbuttoned”.

Canada- I don’t know much about Canadian culture but notice the cigarette. Not something you would see in our ads.

I  just found this interesting. No soap box- just interesting.



12 Jun

This makes me sick to my stomach. What do we have to rely on if even the earth under our feet is not stable? I have never been in an earth quake but I think if I was it would shake me up in more ways than one. The ground is our constant (the only constant that we can see at least) and even it gives out.

It is amazing to think that God is even more stable than the earth we live on and build our houses on and grow our food on. I don’t fear that with my next step the ground will give way. But I fear that maybe God will let one slip and something un-just will happen to me. I fear that God is not in control and that his justice isn’t fair. But more so than the ground, God is stable. some times he is the only stable thing we have when everything else fails. It’s sad to me that I feel that the Earth is so big and so great but the one who created it might forget about me. Natural disasters like this one remind me of God and his mighty faithfulness. I think we need these reminders. It’s like God saying “Everything is temporary and this world is falling apart but one day I will come and get you.”

I’m famous!

1 Aug

I actually received an email from mypunchbowl with this link in it. Their customer service is amazing. I thought good business was outdated, but some businesses still know how to get ahead in the world: listen to your customers. They wont forget you.

The options that mypunchbowl gives aren’t useless and buggy like those of Evite and other competitors. Their features make since and I defiantly plan on utilizing them for my next party. I’ve given feedback to mypunchbowl twice now and received a response that day both times directly from mypunchbowl’s creator.

This is actually making me want to throw a party just for the sake of using mypunchbowl. (His blog is also making me want to improve mine…)

If I were Evite I would be very afraid.


25 Jul

Quite a few years ago, It came to me that our thought-life is something that we directly control. Whether it be bad thoughts about someone, jealousy, lust, or anger, those are thoughts we choose to dwell on. Sure, some times Satan puts a seed in your head: “look at those hideous shoes!” But from there on we can choose to continue down that thought path or leave it alone.

This created a whole new way of thinking about personality. This is how I decide who I am going to be. This is the way I mold myself. From then on I stopped dwelling on bad thoughts about people. This has made me a less judgmental person. I also tried to not re-live things in my head that made me angry: “How could that guy cut me off?!” All of these things made me realize the deeper issue.

Being angry is a choice. Being happy is a choice. Being depressed is a choice. Being jealous is a choice.

Until recently, I hadn’t made any further connections about the thought-life/ personality link. My most recent revelation about this, and my point for writing this post, is that our self esteem is rooted into our thought life as well. When I think negative thoughts about myself it is a choice I make. And its the one I choose all the time.

By screening my thought life, I decide who I am. Even if that is deciding to be confident. This further shows my theory of how we are who we decide to be. Totally separate from who your parents are, how they raised you, or what culture you came from.

My question to you is: will you let your thoughts decide who you are or will you choose for yourself?

Every day I choose to be who I am. Today, I choose to be confident.

GigaOM Facebook vs MySpace: The Tale of the Tape «

12 Jul

Well written article on facebook’s new domination:

GigaOM Facebook vs MySpace: The Tale of the Tape «