We exist!

16 Mar

The longer I wait to update, the more I have to say and therefor the less I want to update. Whoops. Most of you are following us on facebook, anyway. RJ is 17 months old, now. Running around like a wild child, talking, signing, getting into trouble, etc.

The newest news is we are expecting our second baby! Leah Marie is due on July 6th. She is healthy and measuring right on time. RJ will be 21 months old when she comes. Yes we are crazy. We wanted out kids close in age and from what more experienced moms have told me, its hard the first few years but then they are older they are so much closer. Anyway our house is turning from blue to pink pretty fast.

I am still sewing/ making baby things. I opened a small boutique (LoveMuffin Goods, of course.) It has exploded faster than I thought it would. Not that it is paying bills or anything but it has generated a lot of interest, apparently. http://www.facebook.com/lovemuffingoods and http://www.etsy.lovemuffingoods.com I don’t have much on etsy right now but check out the “Samples” and “Available” albums on the facebook page. We are having a giveaway at 100 fans and are so close!


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