Levis + Culture

27 Aug

Go to Levis.com. Below is a screen shot of what you will see.

I found this ad interesting. If the advertisement agency is doing their job then this is supposed to be what we want to see. Each picture represents its own culture (or what we perceive to be “cool”, at least).

USA- This is the ultimate slacker. He looks like he just woke up and in yesterdays clothes, no less. What are they trying to say? Effortless but attractive? Apparently this is what we wish we looked like.

Europe- It’s interesting that the man in this picture is wearing an American flag. Makes it seem like to them our flag is more of a novelty item. Kind of like the little Buddha you buy to put in your garden. He is really important to some people but to you hes just cute. I mean look at that belly!

Latin America- Not sure what this is supposed to say. “Go fourth” is Levi’s new tag line so it isn’t specific to the area. It doesn’t look like any ad you’d see in our magazines, though.

Asia Pacific- For an restrictive/uptight culture its the rebel/artist. At the bottom is says “live unbuttoned”.

Canada- I don’t know much about Canadian culture but notice the cigarette. Not something you would see in our ads.

I  just found this interesting. No soap box- just interesting.


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