Sewin’ Mama

28 Jul

I do have a son and I do still own a computer.

Since RJ is a better napper now I have had to fill my time. I tried crochet/knitting but I’m too impatient. So next was sewing. Which I found to be pretty expensive but it turns out I have plenty of material around the house. Things like sweaters, t-shirts with small stains, and old flannel blankets.

My most recent re-fashioning experiment was a shirt (donated to the cause, unknowingly. I hope you don’t mind Suzanne!)  into pj pants for RJ. My Mom-in-law helped me re-create another pair of pants that fit RJ well.

Unhappy baby in new pants

I also made what I thought to be a newborn hat out of the sleeve of a sweater. The sweater turned out to be SUPER stretchy and actually fits RJ. Which is exciting because I was jealous of whoever I was going to give it to while I was sewing. RJ takes off hats second (not seconds, second) after I put them on him. Here is the natural progression that happens when hats and my little boy encounter each other:

Yes this is the best picture I have of RJ wearing the hat

RJ immediately takes off the hat and then tries to put it back on.

Not being successful after several tries, he lets out his frustration by eating it instead.

In other news RJ has been crawling for a month and is now attempting to stand on his own (and succeeding for about 3 seconds). He also says “kit-cat” and signs for a bottle and all done. Both of his bottom front teeth are in. I’m amazed at the things he picks up so fast. It seems like hes just starting to learn things but I have to remind myself he has been learning and observing since birth. Like how RJ now knows his play phone goes up to his ear then hands it to us.

Things are going to get fun around here.


One Response to “Sewin’ Mama”

  1. Kim July 28, 2010 at 9:50 am #

    I love the hat and the pjs! = ) they are soo cute!

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