12 Jun

This makes me sick to my stomach. What do we have to rely on if even the earth under our feet is not stable? I have never been in an earth quake but I think if I was it would shake me up in more ways than one. The ground is our constant (the only constant that we can see at least) and even it gives out.

It is amazing to think that God is even more stable than the earth we live on and build our houses on and grow our food on. I don’t fear that with my next step the ground will give way. But I fear that maybe God will let one slip and something un-just will happen to me. I fear that God is not in control and that his justice isn’t fair. But more so than the ground, God is stable. some times he is the only stable thing we have when everything else fails. It’s sad to me that I feel that the Earth is so big and so great but the one who created it might forget about me. Natural disasters like this one remind me of God and his mighty faithfulness. I think we need these reminders. It’s like God saying “Everything is temporary and this world is falling apart but one day I will come and get you.”


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