7 Months and can’t stay still

20 May

The longer I wait to update this thing the less I want to! There’s SO many new things RJ is doing.  At 5 months RJ started rambling “dadada”, rolling all over the place, 6 months started pulling his knees up (a little), sitting up like a pro, grabbing things and trying to STAND UP (omg), 7 months if you hold his hands he can stand up on his own, starting to scoot around on the floor, and now sleeping through the night without waking up once (out of the blue).

This is a baby that wants to go go go. He barely stops to eat and even then he kicks and squirms the whole time. It’s so strange to be able to sit him on the floor with some toys and  let him entertain himself for half an hour. He squeals (in ear piercing decibels) and babbles on and is just happy by himself. With RJ sleeping better and playing on his own I have been able to get the house under control somewhat.


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