Baby sleep- 14 weeks

14 Jan

After many weeks of zero to few naps I started researching about babies and sleep. Of all of the books I have read on baby sleep (Baby Whisperer, Happiest Baby on the Block, What to Expect Babies First Year, Baby Wise, and the No-cry Sleep Solution) the internet was the most help. You really need a wide range of scenarios and yo glean from them what will work for you. Instead of some doctors opinion on what should work I needed a plan that has already worked on a baby similar to mine. There are great sites that blend Baby Wise tactics with Baby Whisperer ones with forums full of moms who have bee there, done that. I’ll post some of my favorite sites at t he end.

So with a weeks worth or reading forums and blogs I decided that over stimulation and too much wake time is the reason for RJ’s wakefulness during the day. So I cut back on the toys and swing time and limited RJ’s awake tiem to 1.5 hours and all of a sudden RJ naps. Instead of crying 30 minutes-1 hour on and off for a nap he only fusses for 3-10 minutes and sleeps for 30-40 minutes.

I do need to work on the legnth of his naps. 1.5-2 hours is ideal with 3 naps a day. Right now because RJ only sleeps for 30-40 minutes he needs 4 naps a day. Which mean I can’t ever leave the house but… right now I think its worth it for RJ to be well rested. Soon we will work out the shot nap issue. I’m just glad to get a few breaks during the day.

Baby sleep forums/blogs:

Tummy time. "I want that thing so bad!"


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