Ok I fail at th…

16 Nov

Ok I fail at this. FInd me on facebook if you want updates. seriously.


We exsist… still!

13 Apr

Ok after neglecting to update for a long time and then deciding to let the blog die… I have changed my mind again! I have too much stuff to say for just facebook status updates and it makes me sad that facebook forgets your updates and i will loose those memories. Nothing fancy but I’d like to share some of the funny stuff RJ does and be able to look back at it all later. Most of my pictures will still go to facebook but I have a feeling most of my traffic comes from Facebook, anyway.

As for today… RJ is teething and I am 28 weeks pregnant with little Leah Marie.

We exist!

16 Mar

The longer I wait to update, the more I have to say and therefor the less I want to update. Whoops. Most of you are following us on facebook, anyway. RJ is 17 months old, now. Running around like a wild child, talking, signing, getting into trouble, etc.

The newest news is we are expecting our second baby! Leah Marie is due on July 6th. She is healthy and measuring right on time. RJ will be 21 months old when she comes. Yes we are crazy. We wanted out kids close in age and from what more experienced moms have told me, its hard the first few years but then they are older they are so much closer. Anyway our house is turning from blue to pink pretty fast.

I am still sewing/ making baby things. I opened a small boutique (LoveMuffin Goods, of course.) It has exploded faster than I thought it would. Not that it is paying bills or anything but it has generated a lot of interest, apparently. and I don’t have much on etsy right now but check out the “Samples” and “Available” albums on the facebook page. We are having a giveaway at 100 fans and are so close!

Levis + Culture

27 Aug

Go to Below is a screen shot of what you will see.

I found this ad interesting. If the advertisement agency is doing their job then this is supposed to be what we want to see. Each picture represents its own culture (or what we perceive to be “cool”, at least).

USA- This is the ultimate slacker. He looks like he just woke up and in yesterdays clothes, no less. What are they trying to say? Effortless but attractive? Apparently this is what we wish we looked like.

Europe- It’s interesting that the man in this picture is wearing an American flag. Makes it seem like to them our flag is more of a novelty item. Kind of like the little Buddha you buy to put in your garden. He is really important to some people but to you hes just cute. I mean look at that belly!

Latin America- Not sure what this is supposed to say. “Go fourth” is Levi’s new tag line so it isn’t specific to the area. It doesn’t look like any ad you’d see in our magazines, though.

Asia Pacific- For an restrictive/uptight culture its the rebel/artist. At the bottom is says “live unbuttoned”.

Canada- I don’t know much about Canadian culture but notice the cigarette. Not something you would see in our ads.

I  just found this interesting. No soap box- just interesting.

August pictures and what not

15 Aug

The kitten we found on our porch

The face RJ makes when he doesn’t like something.

The diaper cover I made for RJ (It’s monsters!)

Sewing Projects

31 Jul

Here’s some quick shots of my most recent sewing projects. Enjoy!

First is a fleece diaper cover. Fleece is water repellent and with two layers it becomes waterproof as long as the diaper inside isn’t dripping. Fleece breathes a lot more than plastic/laminated diaper covers or disposables and is healthier on RJs skin. I have this cute whale print and another with monsters I cant wait to use.

Next is some pacifier clips I made a while ago but had to wait till I gave them to the person I made them for first.

Sewin’ Mama

28 Jul

I do have a son and I do still own a computer.

Since RJ is a better napper now I have had to fill my time. I tried crochet/knitting but I’m too impatient. So next was sewing. Which I found to be pretty expensive but it turns out I have plenty of material around the house. Things like sweaters, t-shirts with small stains, and old flannel blankets.

My most recent re-fashioning experiment was a shirt (donated to the cause, unknowingly. I hope you don’t mind Suzanne!)  into pj pants for RJ. My Mom-in-law helped me re-create another pair of pants that fit RJ well.

Unhappy baby in new pants

I also made what I thought to be a newborn hat out of the sleeve of a sweater. The sweater turned out to be SUPER stretchy and actually fits RJ. Which is exciting because I was jealous of whoever I was going to give it to while I was sewing. RJ takes off hats second (not seconds, second) after I put them on him. Here is the natural progression that happens when hats and my little boy encounter each other:

Yes this is the best picture I have of RJ wearing the hat

RJ immediately takes off the hat and then tries to put it back on.

Not being successful after several tries, he lets out his frustration by eating it instead.

In other news RJ has been crawling for a month and is now attempting to stand on his own (and succeeding for about 3 seconds). He also says “kit-cat” and signs for a bottle and all done. Both of his bottom front teeth are in. I’m amazed at the things he picks up so fast. It seems like hes just starting to learn things but I have to remind myself he has been learning and observing since birth. Like how RJ now knows his play phone goes up to his ear then hands it to us.

Things are going to get fun around here.

All Tangled Up

29 Jun

My sewing box is a mess.  Mostly from my string unwinding and getting tied up.  I just saw this great idea on Sew 4 Home.

Store your bobbin in pedicure toe separators.  it’ll keep them from unwinding and you can find the color you want easily.  I’ve seen them at the dollar store. Next time I see them I’m going to grab them all up.


12 Jun

This makes me sick to my stomach. What do we have to rely on if even the earth under our feet is not stable? I have never been in an earth quake but I think if I was it would shake me up in more ways than one. The ground is our constant (the only constant that we can see at least) and even it gives out.

It is amazing to think that God is even more stable than the earth we live on and build our houses on and grow our food on. I don’t fear that with my next step the ground will give way. But I fear that maybe God will let one slip and something un-just will happen to me. I fear that God is not in control and that his justice isn’t fair. But more so than the ground, God is stable. some times he is the only stable thing we have when everything else fails. It’s sad to me that I feel that the Earth is so big and so great but the one who created it might forget about me. Natural disasters like this one remind me of God and his mighty faithfulness. I think we need these reminders. It’s like God saying “Everything is temporary and this world is falling apart but one day I will come and get you.”

7 Months and can’t stay still

20 May

The longer I wait to update this thing the less I want to! There’s SO many new things RJ is doing.  At 5 months RJ started rambling “dadada”, rolling all over the place, 6 months started pulling his knees up (a little), sitting up like a pro, grabbing things and trying to STAND UP (omg), 7 months if you hold his hands he can stand up on his own, starting to scoot around on the floor, and now sleeping through the night without waking up once (out of the blue).

This is a baby that wants to go go go. He barely stops to eat and even then he kicks and squirms the whole time. It’s so strange to be able to sit him on the floor with some toys and  let him entertain himself for half an hour. He squeals (in ear piercing decibels) and babbles on and is just happy by himself. With RJ sleeping better and playing on his own I have been able to get the house under control somewhat.